Friday, July 11, 2008

SEAD III Graduation at Dartmouth College

(Hanover, NH Friday July 11, 2008) Today at Dartmouth College the El Cerrito High School students graduated as part of the SEAD class of 2008. The twenty-seven member class of '08 will be returning home to their families tomorrow having completed their third two-week summer at Dartmouth. Yijun Zhan, Dzinya Dejugba, Brandon Mills, Jennifer Kuang, Jean Pierre Du Forge, and Jasmine Nunley have worked (and played) hard as they focussed on coursework designed by the SEAD staff to promote and facilitate their admission into college. They began the program as rising high school sophopmores and are scheduled for one last visit to Dartmouth as SEAD students in November. The SEAD program will monitor their progress in the years following high school as part of their curriculum planning for future classes. Indeed, the program also benefits the staff as many of them are in training to become teachers.
The SEAD program has not only provided our students with academic opportunities, it has modeled to them the positive experiences of self-reliance and teamwork that are necessary to succeed as adults. The West Contra Costa Unified School District has done well by the Ivy League Connection.

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