Saturday, July 12, 2008

END OF S.E.A.D. ( 08)

S.E.A.D. has be a real positive impact in my life for the last three years, and I'm sad to say it's coming to a end. Yesterday, June 12, 2008. we graduated from our final year of the Dartmouth program with the feeling of accomplishment as we walked across the stage. For two weeks we prepared a graduateion speech that was to be presented on friday. The two weeks were phenomenal, the audience were exceptionally enthusiastic and opened minded to what we had to say. I felt like there were my family and i will never forget this year for the rest of my life.

~Jean-Pierre, Fordjour
S.E.A.D. Scholar

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dongosney said...

Great to hear from you, JP. we were ready to send out the National Guard on a search and rescue mission. We hadn't heard from the SEAD Team in so long we were growing concerned.

Glad the graduation ceremony went well and your SEAD experience was uplifting.

And thanks for checking in with us.