Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Much (Sustainable) Progress Today at Dartmouth College

(Hanover, NH Tuesday July 1, 2008) The SEAD students attending Dartmouth College had a productive day today. El Cerrito High School has six rising seniors in the SEAD program. The focus of today's instruction by the teachers and staff was on college preparation. Between breakfast and lunch the students attended a college application class and another class on SAT preparation. After lunch they had an essay writing class, and after dinner they applied their learning and completed a timed SAT practice essay. The students even managed to try their hands at making pottery at a local pottery crafts shop. The social theme of this year's SEAD program is environmental sustainability. Jay Davis, the SEAD Program Director, has promoted conservation as a means of being socially responsible and the students have responded by conserving resources during activities. Thus, the attributes of responsible citizenship are also being developed by the SEAD program.


Jennifer Kuang said...

Okay, I've made a blog, but I have no idea how to link the SEAD blog to this blog. So if somebody could help me do it, that'd be great! The url is http://www.ilcsead.blogspot.com. Thanks!

Charles Ramsey said...

Ms. Kronenberg is in New York with the Columbia students. I hope that Dennis reads this from Columbia so he can help with the blog. We really want to hear how things are going at Dartmouth.

Talk with you soon.

Charles T. Ramsey

dongosney said...

And they said you kids were smart...you don't really expect the adults to know anything about how to make this blog work, do you?

At least you've taken the first step and we appreciate it.

We check in on you several times each day to see what's happening so keep your prose, your photos and videos coming.

Jean-Pierre Fodjour said...

I'm having trouble linking the blog just like Jenny. I'm liking classes a lot more this year, public speaking the most. This class is setting me p for the real world. An activity I've liked is bowling because a lot of mentors come and we have a lot of fun. I used math from SAT prep to get my strikes. It's good to see everyone again and the pond this weekend will be fun.