Sunday, July 26, 2015

There’s No Place Like Home

No matter how much they enjoyed their time at UPenn, there’s nothing like the comfort that comes from being around your family, sleeping in a bed that knows you and eating the food prepared only the way a mother can prepare it.

When the airport shuttle arrived around 9:15 on this chilly July evening, the family members of the Penn cohort broke into ear to ear smiles.  As the Penn cohort piled out of the shuttle, family members ran to give them the kind of big hugs reserved for long lost family members.

Going with the tradition of every ILC flight being delayed for one reason or another, the Penn group decided they liked the 108º temp in Phoenix so they stuck around a while longer before coming the rest of the way home.  

Even Phoneix couldn't hold this group, though, and sooner or later they had to come home--and we’re all so glad they did.

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