Saturday, July 11, 2015

Brown-I Departs

Normally when a cohort meets on Departure Day they meet at El Cerrito HS around 3 AM so they can catch the first plane out of the Bay Area.

For Brown-I, however, we only had one member of the cohort and the plane was not scheduled to depart until 8:25 so I met Komal and her chaperone (Margaret Maher) at Komal’s home and, instead of an expensive airport shuttle, I just drove them to SFO.  Much cheaper and much quicker—and we all loved the idea that we weren’t meeting up at a time when people should be snuggled in their beds.

I arrived 10 minutes early to find Margaret already waiting and within seconds Komal came out.

With such a small group the normal routine that we go through only took a few moments and we were off to SFO—20 minutes ahead of schedule.

With no traffic on this early Saturday morning we arrived at SFO nearly two hours before the flight was scheduled to take off—plenty of time to check-in and grab something to eat before departing.

Komal’s class at Brown—DNA Based Techniques in Biotechnology—is a three week class while the Women & Leadership cohort in Brown-II takes a two week class.  When they arrive next weekend they’ll meet up with Komal and complete the cohort.

In the meantime, though, Komal will pave the way for the W&L ladies and prepare Brown for their arrival.

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