Saturday, July 18, 2015

Coming Home

Sitting on the tarmac 2,911 miles away from home with the airplane stuck to the ground—what’s wrong with this picture?  EVERYTHING!  Don’t these people know that the Columbia cohort has a date that evening with their families?  Don’t they know the importance and value of sleeping in your own bed and eating your mother’s cooking?  So what’s the hold up?

The plane finally took off and with every waking second the cohort was closer to home.

Finally, they touch down at San Francisco International Airport but then the same problem they faced in New York trying to depart was faced while still in the airport.  Why was it taking so long for the luggage to appear?

Finally, they board the shuttle to take them home and they find yet another obstacle to slow their progress.  Who on earth are all of these people on I-80 and why can’t they go any faster?

Finally, the shuttle pulls into El Cerrito HS where family members await to take them to that heaven they know as HOME.

For more, stay tuned and read the blogs as only the Columbia cohort can write them.

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