Sunday, April 14, 2013

Reflection on the Trip to UPenn

I would have never expected to visit UPenn for preview day. Fortunately, the Ivy League Connection has a Fly-In Program which allowed me to visit for 3 days. While I was there, I learned so many things about Penn ranging from the social life to academics. 

To start off, there are lots of things to do within the school and community. The school is known as the Party Ivy and in fact, students were preparing for one of the largest parties of the year known as Fling. Aside from the parties and fun, students have a wide variety of clubs and programs to join. Also, Philadelphia is a major city so there are plenty of internships available for students. During the preview day, there was an activities fair that showcased many of the student organizations. This exposure allowed me to gain a brief overview of the many interests students share at the school.

During my tours, I was able to learn about the different college houses there. There are a total of 11 houses that either have a small, medium, or large community. What I learned is that each house is unique in their own way and they all have pros and cons depending on your personality. For example, the students in the larger communities/high rises tend to have a more comfortable living area but do not get to socialize as much with the other students living there. This is something I will have to think about coming in as a freshman. Also, I found it really interesting that the four different colleges are interconnected. For example, I was accepted into the College of Arts and Sciences but I will still be able to take courses offered in the other colleges. This is great because I'll be able to expand my interests. One of the most fascinating things I learned about Penn is that the courses offered are really diverse and this allows for students to be flexible in meeting their course requirements.

I was actually surprised that I felt pretty comfortable at UPenn. Of course having Dyana, Alex, and Christina there played a big part, but not only that, I felt like I could actually see myself there for the next four years. It was really a great experience visiting Penn again. I was able to somewhat understand the dynamics there at the school. I must say that I was already set on UPenn the instant I received admission. However, I was unsure of how I would feel there. But after the visit, I can say that I am definitely excited to go to UPenn and I am looking forward to becoming a Quaker in the Class of 2017!

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Don Gosney said...

These are some good words, Roger, and it validates the expense to send you to Penn to check things out.

I read a lot of these blogs and there aren’t a whole lot of things that are new for me but today I learned that Penn is the Party Ivy. This is good to know in case I’m in the area with nothing better to do.