Sunday, April 7, 2013

Glad To Be Back

I've visited Pennsylvania about four times, and even saw and walked through Penn's campus last year as part of the college tours before my time at Yale University that summer. Even last year, I didn't think I would come back to Philly this quick -- and especially not for Penn Preview Days!

When I saw the campus last summer, it was pretty barren since most kids were home for the summer, which is why I am excited to see Penn now in all its glory -- bustling campus, activities, students, and environment. I hope tomorrow will help clarify my decision for college next year (still a surreal thought!).

Jet lag is catching up to me and I have a full day of touring Penn tomorrow. Hopefully after that, I will meet up with some ILC alumnus and some of my other friends!

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Don Gosney said...

This can be a great opportunity for you, Tanya. As tough as it will be to break away from your comfort zone of friends, family, community and even weather, you have to consider what will be the best for your future.

That’s one of the values of the ILC Fly-In Program where we can send you to these schools for you to check them out while school is in session and during times when you’ll get to experience the school, the community and even the weather at a time of year similar to when you will be there.

We look forward to reading more of your blogs.

And don’t forget how much we love to see photos.