Sunday, January 20, 2013

From ILC Alum Adriana Ramirez

Hello Fellow ILC students,

Here are my thoughts on how to succeed in college:

All Colleges are not the same—I can only give my personal experiences in how to succeed in a big University.

I am currently a fourth year (senior) at UCLA. I love UCLA, and feel it was the best school I could choose for myself. I initially wanted to attend a small school but I'm glad I'm attending a huge school like UCLA. Sometimes it might be frustrating that my classes are huge with over 200 students but I've become used to it.

Going to a large university pushes you to become independent very fast, something that I like. There are no parents around to tell you what to do, when to do it, and how, you are on your own. This can be awesome for some and detrimental for others, if you are attending a big university or hoping to you have to be aware that the best way to succeed in such school you have to be self-motivated and have some type of self-structure. There is tons of freedom and at the same time you have to be responsible of your deadlines, papers, midterms and finals. The best way to keep myself organized is as simple as having an agenda (it's an essential).

Another essential for succeeding at UCLA is surrounding yourself with people you have in common with, such as study groups, and people who might have similar backgrounds as yours to not feel homesick. At UCLA I have met other people who have similar goals to mine, I've met these people in extracurricular groups/clubs and I've came to create great bonds with some of these people.

A third essential at succeeding in college I believe is keeping yourself busy, if you have free time don't waste it, find a small job or an internship, these open doors, serve as recommendations, or let you explore different careers.

overall, do what's best for you and look out for you. And NEVER be scared to ask questions or ask for help because there are others who are always willing to help you.

If anyone has any questions you can email me at: or text me 510-367-8285

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