Sunday, December 30, 2012

From ILC Alum Frank She

My first quarter at UCLA was amazing!

If you do not take the time to read the following testimonial, I will be very sad. But you should still skip to the end for the out-of-context summary.

I took four classes: Calculus 31A, Computer Science 31, Ethnomusicology 25, and Music 90M.

Calculus 31A (about equivalent to AP Calc AB-BC) was extremely fast-paced because lectures were only an hour per day, three times a week. For me, math was my most difficult subject. It was much more thorough than high-school calculus and my professor was not as clear as he could have been. I strongly advise future college-students to use sites like ratemyprofessor to assist in choosing professors. Also, if you have the opportunity to apply AP credit to a course, do it! College classes are difficult, even at the beginning levels.

Computer Science 31 was an introductory computing class. It was extremely time-consuming and sometimes proved to be frustrating. However, this class was slow-paced and the teacher was redundant, which I loved (sometimes snuck in a quick nap during lecture!). Computing projects really showed me the need to better manage my time and to procrastinate less. This class really helped reaffirm my desire to continue in my chosen major—Computer Science & Engineering. My advice is to study something you enjoy and to stop procrastinating!

Ethnomusicology 25 was a General Education requirement. It was fun. I skipped class sometimes and when midterms rolled around I had to copy a lot of notes from my friend. Short story made shorter, don’t skip lectures.

Music 90M was Marching Band! Oh, how I love the UCLA band. My advice is to join clubs and activities that you truly want to commit your time to. Get involved in something, but not necessarily for the sake of being involved. Do things you enjoy.

Q: How have you grown as a person?
A: Not sure.

A recap on advice: 
  • Look up your professors online.
  • Prepare to study…possibly a lot.
  • PERFORM WELL ON YOUR AP TESTS, you do not realize how much the credit actually helps!
  • Do not procrastinate. (I hope you finished your winter break assignments!)
  • Study what you love and love what you study.
  • Don’t skip class. (Or you’ll suffer…usually)
  • Get involved in some type of club that you enjoy!
  • Do your best. College classes are harder, but not impossible!
  • Have fun, and be happy.
  • Go to UCLA….what?

Go Bruins!
Frank She

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