Sunday, June 29, 2008

Here is Wallach Hall -- another part of the Columbia University campus. Our students are enjoying their time tonight getting ready for classes tomorrow. They are taking Math, Physics and Urban Planning.
Check out their thoughts on their blog.
Here's a note from Janna at Columbia:
Hello all!
While I am working on posting the pictures and writing something for the website, I put together an album of some pictures from our cameras. This covers the plane ride and Times Square. More to come! We would have updated earlier but we did not have proper internet connection. We're doing great and having a blast!


Charles Ramsey said...

This is where our three female students are staying. Janna and Tierra are suite mates and Christine is two floors down.

They all have a beautiful view of the Quad. Class starts tomorrow.

Charles T. Ramsey

dongosney said...

Whatever happened to staying in the local El Sleazo Motel? This looks pretty darned nice.