Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cornell & Brown Depart

At 2:50 AM (give or take), the Brown Women & Leadership cohort gathered with the Cornell cohort in front of El Cerrito High School to get their last minute instructions before heading East as ambassadors for their schools, their District and their community.

The ILCers and their parents were handed Final Itineraries, their luggage

was weighed, luggage tags were distributed and affixed and ILC Administrator Don Gosney praised them all for getting this far.  It’s been a long six month process but their time has arrived.

Knowing that this will be a lengthy day with minimal stops for sustenance, the IlC provided a wealth of snack options--with most actually being healthy.  The ILCers were quizzed as to what types of snacks they preferred (their sweet tooth options were, for the most part, set aside for healthier options).

Once the snacks were stowed the obligatory photos were snapped and promptly at 4 AM the airport shuttle arrived.  Their gear was stowed and soon the shuttle taillights dimmed in the distance.  The rest is up to them.

Enjoy the snapshots.
Many of the items necessary for the trip: an assortment of Zip-Lock bags, luggage tags, itineraries, contact info
cards, ID badge lanyards
A wide variety of healthy snacks were offered (along with the life sustaining red vines)
The Cornell cohort
The Brown Women & Leadership Cohort
How long do they think they’re going to be away from home?

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