Saturday, August 1, 2015

What’s for Dinner, Ma?

Breaking with the tradition this year the Chicago cohort returned home without a single hiccup in their travels.  Every flight both coming and going before today had some sort of delay.  There was something about this cohort, though, that made this return trip so eventful if only because everything went as it was supposed to.

The plane took off 6 minutes early and arrived even earlier.  When the group went to get their luggage--which sometimes takes as long as the flight--their luggage was in their hands in about 15 minutes after they landed.

Coming from SFO back to El Cerrito in the middle of a Saturday afternoon should have been a slow crawl.  Considering that with the BART tubes closed this weekend the traffic should have been even heavier.  Yet this group zipped through the traffic and arrived at ECHS more than a half hour earlier than expected.

They were so early that they beat some of the parents to the pick up point and even beat me (how can I live with the shame?).

As would be expected, there were plenty of hugs to go around and I even heard one of the Chicagoans ask about dinner (even though it was only 2 PM).  Ahhhh...there’s nothing like coming home.

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