Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Cornell Cohort Heads East and South

They were instructed to be in front of El Cerrito HS at 3:50 to receive last minute instructions for their departure to Cornell.  To a one, though, they all arrived early.  If they’ve learned nothing else from their association with the ILC they’ve learned the value of being on time.

The six members of the Cornell cohort are heading east but they’re detouring south before landing in Ithaca, NY.  They’re first going to Atlanta where they’ll tour Emory University.  From there they head to Washington, DC to visit Georgetown and then to Philadelphia to say hello to Ben Franklin while touring UPenn.

Finally, they’ll head north to Ithaca where they’ll embark on their adventures at Cornell.

This is the first of the six ILC cohorts for 2015 and, as can be seen from the photos, they’re ready.

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